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6a00d83451b46269e201156fb03713970b-800wi1Sony’s price cut news — that the PlayStation 2 will cost $30 less at $99.99 starting Wednesday — may not have been the news that hard-core game fans wanted.

That those hoping for a price reduction on the $400 PlayStation 3 were left wanting doesn’t bother John Koller, director of hardware marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, who chatted about the announcement earlier this afternoon.

“Right now we feel very good with where the PlayStation 3 is, We’re seeing the development of new franchises like LittleBigPlanet, which with we’re really looking to promote new types of gameplay. And we just launched Killzone 2, which is doing well,” he said. “We look at the PS3 as being a tremendous value. But we continue to monitor every aspect of that business as well.”

Its predecessor, the PlayStation 2, now in its ninth year in the U.S. market, still has plenty of life in it, Koller says. As many as 80 new games are due for the PS2 this year, which would bring its catalog of available games to about 1,900. “In many ways, the entertainment, the games, available for the PS2 are going to be much more social and sports-oriented,” he says. “It’s families playing with families.”

That hits the target that Sony has with the new price point: lower-income, or lapsed, gamers or young families who “particularly giving this economy are looking for evergreen entertainment,” Koller says. “There’s no reason to take (the PS2) on a retirement tour anytime soon.”

source: By Mike Snider
Photo: PlayStation 2, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment America


windows_server_foundation_logo_270x117Microsoft announced a new server for small businesses, though one should not confuse it with a new version of the company’s Small Business Server product.

The latter is a bundle of Windows Server and Exchange, among other things, for businesses with 50 or fewer people while the new product, Windows Server 2008 Foundation, is only the operating system and is aimed at single-processor servers with fewer than 15 users.

The new Windows version is Microsoft’s answer to the server equivalent of Netbooks, ultra-low cost servers aimed at the smallest of businesses. The product will only be sold preinstalled on new machines.

CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned the product was coming and outlined the rationale at a meeting with financial analysts in February.

“From a revenue perspective, we are introducing a new low cost, low price, low functionality Windows server (version),” he said. “If you take a look at it, as server prices, hardware prices have come down, we don’t exactly have a Netbook phenomenon, but if somebody can buy a $500 server, they’re a little loathe to spend $500 for the server operating system that goes with it. So we have something that’s akin to Netbook at the server level, and we’ll be introducing our Foundation edition over the next month or two.”

Microsoft also said that, through the end of September, it will donate a portion of its revenue from Windows Server Foundation to TechSoup.org and Telecentre.org, two groups that help bring technology to nonprofit organizations.

“We see this as an opportunity not only to deliver a technical foundation for business growth, but also to create a financial foundation for community,” Ballmer said in a statement on Wednesday.

source: by Ina Fried ~ this link


Early in the afternoon, talking with my friend. We discuss each other about our dreams. One of the dreams that we are not to go to the Lombok.
Do you know Lombok?


Lombok  is an island in Indonesia, located in the Southeastern province of Nusa West. Lombok has a remarkable attraction. The attraction is the beauty of the beach. Clean, watery blue, and white sand. The situations are not too crowded and a very beautiful scenery is sunset.
Me and my friend lived in Bandung. Need a ship to be able to go to Lombok. I think going to the Lombok just a dream only.
But none that is not possible.
I must save to be able to get there.
For you who do not Lombok, see this!



If you are Indonesian, try to go there if there is a time and to spare. Because except Bali, we still need another place to claim, to up high the name of Indonesia in international.

If you are not a people of Indonesia, what are you waiting for? Immediately prepare and go to the Lombok!

some links that can click on:
www.quncivillas.com http://www.lombok-network.com/senggigi/






I do not understand about politics. Both my country or others.

And I am not so interested in this topic, actually. But soon there will be a general election in Indonesia. I think it will be really fun to discuss.

I don’t really know what is a real tendency of many people to become members of the legislative. Are they just chase a popularity? Politics transform those who initially is not who, suddenly blossom into famous people in a moment.

And I’m asking in the deepest of my heart. What they are looking for to be a members of the legislative candidates? Fame or the vision and mission that they take it?

I do not blame anyone. However, this is only speculation for us to become the nation of Indonesia. I ever see through TV, members of legislative candidates from a party (the 5th: D). huadu! really shallow.

In my opinion become a member of the legislative body is not to try. Not a place for learning. Become a member of the legislature to apply what we have learned! If we are still legislative study, where the nation would take us this?

Click this: www.janganbikinmalu2009.com

see behavior of members of legislative candidates for our country:


Rony Soehartono: The fresh-faced 32-year-old, who is depicted as Superman on his posters with the tagline ‘Superoni’, said: “The public does not care about issues or programmes…As a candidate, you just want to stick out so they remember you on Election Day.”

The Straits Times, Singapore.

Rony Soehartono “Kandidat berusia 32 tahun yang menggunakan kostum Superman dalam posternya dengan tagline Superoni berpendapat “Masyarakat tidak peduli mengenai program ataupun topik politik, sebagai Caleg yang penting tampil beda supaya mereka ingat kita pada saat pemilu”

The Straits Times, Singapore.

I as a part of the Indonesian nation felt shame over his actions this!


Windows 7 was built around your feedback, so you’ll see a lot of things you’ve asked for. You asked us to make everyday tasks faster and easier, make your PC work the way you want it to, and make new things possible. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. See how it’s coming to life.

That is a tagline about Windows 7.

Microsoft release newest operation system called Windows 7. They said: Faster and Easier.

Actually, i haven’t seen with my own eyes how fast it is. That i know, there are many improvement. Yes, they wanted to be faster and easier for the user. Several feature they made, and here is some:

Improved taskbar and full-screen previews

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen is what you use to switch between the applications you’ve got open. In Windows 7 you can set the order in which the icons appear and they’ll stay put. They’re easier to see, too. Click once on the new large icons or bigger preview thumbnails and you’re ready to go. You can even see a full screen preview before switching to the window.


Jump Lists

With Windows 7, we focused on keeping the things you use most right in front of you. One example: The new Jump List feature. It’s a handy way to quickly reach the files you’ve been working with. To see the files you’ve used recently, just right click on the icon on your taskbar. So right-clicking on the Word icon will show your most recent Word documents. Plus, if there are other files you want to keep handy, you can just pin them to the Jump List.


New ways to work with Windows

Windows 7 simplifies how you work with the windows on your desktop. You’ll have more intuitive ways to open, close, resize, and arrange them. You can drag open windows to screen borders, so you’ll no longer have to click on tiny objects in the corner of a window to make it do what you want.

Maximize a window by dragging its border to the top of the screen, and return the window to its original size by dragging it away from the top of the screen. Drag the bottom border of a window to expand it vertically.

It’s easy to copy files or compare the contents of two windows by dragging the windows to opposite sides of the screen. As your cursor touches the edge, the window will resize to fill that half of the screen.

To see all your desktop gadgets, just drag your mouse to the lower right corner of your desktop. That’ll make all the open Windows transparent—making your desktop, and the gadgets on it, immediately visible. Want to minimize all your windows? One click and it’s done.