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GEMBELTAI ~ Indonesian political critism

I am truly Indonesian. Yes, we will have an general election in April 2009. So, in this month i will give some political post. Hehe. I’m actually not interested in it.

Last Friday my friend told me about this link. She said that link is really joyful. This noon, i remember my friend talk and without take any long time, i surfed to that site. Hoho. Yes, it is really funny see many movie purposed giving critism to the goverment. And see many funny picture of candidate legislative.

But, i really shocked!

When i see the movie, i was shocked because the actress who act in that video is Happy Salma (indonesian actress). I think that site made by students who really tired with our civilization who TALK ONLY NO ACT!

If you are Indonesian, I suggest you to see that site.

If you are not, I really hope you don’t click that site. I will be really ashamed for being Indonesian.

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