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PS2: price cut

6a00d83451b46269e201156fb03713970b-800wi1Sony’s price cut news — that the PlayStation 2 will cost $30 less at $99.99 starting Wednesday — may not have been the news that hard-core game fans wanted.

That those hoping for a price reduction on the $400 PlayStation 3 were left wanting doesn’t bother John Koller, director of hardware marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, who chatted about the announcement earlier this afternoon.

“Right now we feel very good with where the PlayStation 3 is, We’re seeing the development of new franchises like LittleBigPlanet, which with we’re really looking to promote new types of gameplay. And we just launched Killzone 2, which is doing well,” he said. “We look at the PS3 as being a tremendous value. But we continue to monitor every aspect of that business as well.”

Its predecessor, the PlayStation 2, now in its ninth year in the U.S. market, still has plenty of life in it, Koller says. As many as 80 new games are due for the PS2 this year, which would bring its catalog of available games to about 1,900. “In many ways, the entertainment, the games, available for the PS2 are going to be much more social and sports-oriented,” he says. “It’s families playing with families.”

That hits the target that Sony has with the new price point: lower-income, or lapsed, gamers or young families who “particularly giving this economy are looking for evergreen entertainment,” Koller says. “There’s no reason to take (the PS2) on a retirement tour anytime soon.”

source: By Mike Snider
Photo: PlayStation 2, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment America

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