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Is Indonesia Ready For Tomorrow?

I do not understand about politics. Both my country or others.

And I am not so interested in this topic, actually. But soon there will be a general election in Indonesia. I think it will be really fun to discuss.

I don’t really know what is a real tendency of many people to become members of the legislative. Are they just chase a popularity? Politics transform those who initially is not who, suddenly blossom into famous people in a moment.

And I’m asking in the deepest of my heart. What they are looking for to be a members of the legislative candidates? Fame or the vision and mission that they take it?

I do not blame anyone. However, this is only speculation for us to become the nation of Indonesia. I ever see through TV, members of legislative candidates from a party (the 5th: D). huadu! really shallow.

In my opinion become a member of the legislative body is not to try. Not a place for learning. Become a member of the legislature to apply what we have learned! If we are still legislative study, where the nation would take us this?

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see behavior of members of legislative candidates for our country:


Rony Soehartono: The fresh-faced 32-year-old, who is depicted as Superman on his posters with the tagline ‘Superoni’, said: “The public does not care about issues or programmes…As a candidate, you just want to stick out so they remember you on Election Day.”

The Straits Times, Singapore.

Rony Soehartono “Kandidat berusia 32 tahun yang menggunakan kostum Superman dalam posternya dengan tagline Superoni berpendapat “Masyarakat tidak peduli mengenai program ataupun topik politik, sebagai Caleg yang penting tampil beda supaya mereka ingat kita pada saat pemilu”

The Straits Times, Singapore.

I as a part of the Indonesian nation felt shame over his actions this!

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