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Lombok: Dreaming In April Mop

Early in the afternoon, talking with my friend. We discuss each other about our dreams. One of the dreams that we are not to go to the Lombok.
Do you know Lombok?


Lombok  is an island in Indonesia, located in the Southeastern province of Nusa West. Lombok has a remarkable attraction. The attraction is the beauty of the beach. Clean, watery blue, and white sand. The situations are not too crowded and a very beautiful scenery is sunset.
Me and my friend lived in Bandung. Need a ship to be able to go to Lombok. I think going to the Lombok just a dream only.
But none that is not possible.
I must save to be able to get there.
For you who do not Lombok, see this!



If you are Indonesian, try to go there if there is a time and to spare. Because except Bali, we still need another place to claim, to up high the name of Indonesia in international.

If you are not a people of Indonesia, what are you waiting for? Immediately prepare and go to the Lombok!

some links that can click on:
www.quncivillas.com http://www.lombok-network.com/senggigi/





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