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Who Am I?

It is so glad to introduce myself. My name is Thesar. (remember ok?)
Im 19 years old now. Living alone, just far from my parents. Im still studying in university. Im taking mathematic. Oya, im coming from Indonesia. So, im really sorry if my english is not very good. But im still doing it, it will improve me. I Believe it. 🙂

I write this just to share with you. Im still learning, so your comment is really needed and really help me.


Thanks all.

Thesar – itsdone.wordpress.com

3 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. thx for comment on my blog..
    keep reading my post, yaa…

    ^.^ kitty

  2. studi mathematic dimana ?

    * gak bisa Inggris

    • di bandung kok.
      ga jauh2,tp ad rencana ke jepang.doakan saja. 🙂
      Oya,saya simpan link pertanyaan.com yaa.. 🙂
      Im new in blogging and your participation is really needed. Hehe. Thanks ya for visiting,and keep visiting!

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